Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Site Mailbox in Exchange 2013 & Outlook 2013:

Site Mailbox in Exchange 2013 & Outlook 2013:

Wednesday, 03 October 2012

Arun Chaudhary
(Exchange 2010)
Exchange Administrator, Book writer,
 Freelancer trainer of Exchange Server

About me: I am working as an Exchange Administrator & also a freelancer trainer of Exchange & other Microsoft Servers; I have 6+ years experience in Microsoft servers. I have written many articles on different – different topics & given Exchange Server training for more than 250 Indian & Inter national clients.

Microsoft include many exiting features in the Exchange 2013, in my previous articles on my blog regarding the Exchange 2013, I discuss about the new features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 {go the}.

In this article, I am going to introduce you one more exiting feature of Exchange Server 2013 & Outlook 2013 called Site Mailbox. Site Mailbox is the brand new feature of Exchange Server 2013 & provides you ability to access your emails & SharePoint documents together on a central point.

A Site Mailbox is like a central filing cabinet; provide you a single place to access your emails & projects regarding documents that can be accessed & edit by your site members. When any project member used Site Mailbox to access his / her emails & documents, that time any other site member can also access the documents & can modification.

In Site Mailbox users documents or contents kept where it belongs. Exchange Server stores the email, which provide by users with the same message view for email conversations that they use in their every day for their own mailboxes. Exchange Server is responsible to synchronize with the Share point server to create the documents view in outlook.
An Administrator can apply compliance policies on the site mailboxes.
I wana discussed some questions, which come in mind before I go to configure the Site Mailbox.

ü      How to Filing emails and documents from Outlook 2013: It’s very simple in Outlook 2013, just drag & drops the emails, documents & attachments in Site Mailbox.

ü      Management and compliance: Usually in the organizations, users have only limited rights on the Share point sites, but in the new SharePoint also makes it easier for the end users to create their own SharePoint sites, to integrate shared emails into a new site, users just have to use only the Site Mailbox app with their site.

Site mailboxes can become part of eDiscovery search scopes and the emails & documents of Site Mailboxes can be put on legal hold. Administrator can set a lifecycle policy on the SharePoint sites to define the retention period on the Site Mailbox.

ü      Present Emails & documents together: Users always wants their emails & documents together in context- from the Outlook or SharePoint sites. This solution is provided by the Site Mailbox.

ü      Difference between the Site Mailboxes, Shared Mailbox & Public Folder:

·        In the Site Mailbox users work on shared projects & keep their emails & documents.
·        In the shared mailbox a group of people work on the behalf of a virtual entity, they are triaging incoming emails against a shared mailbox and respond on the behalf of the virtual entity (ex: helpdesk@exchangeby-arun.lab).
·        In the Public Folders documents can’t be store, until they don’t support co-authoring or version management like SharePoint.

Some more exiting features of Site Mailbox:

Ø      You can add Site Mailbox as a recipient in the important discussion, so it will be kept a copy of the important discussion.
Ø      You can forward any document from the site mailbox.
Ø      You can drag & drop multiple documents from site mailbox to your inbox.
Ø      Now you can also add your Site Mailbox or documents folder in your favourites with the same name, just on a right click & select ‘Show in Favourites’.
Ø      If you are a user who can’t remember too much SharePoint sites URLs, then ………. Yes in Site Mailbox, just right click any document & click on ‘Open in Web Browser’.
Ø      After finishing your projects, you can easily remove Site Mailbox from your Outlook, just right click on Site Mailbox & click on ‘Close “Exchangeby-Arun Lab (Project Name)”.
Ø      If you want to manage you’re all the projects regarding Site Mailbox (in the case when a user is working in multiple projects), just right click on your personal mailbox & click on “Manage All Sites Mailboxes….”

Arun Special Notes: Site mailbox is only available in Outlook 2013, not in OWA.

                                                                      Arun Chaudhary
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