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Exchange Server 2010 Data center switch over trouble-shooter

Exchange Server 2010 Data center switch over trouble-shooter

Arun Chaudhary
(Exchange 2010)
Exchange Administrator, Book writer,
 Freelancer trainer of Exchange Server

About me: I am working as an Exchange Administrator & also a freelancer trainer of Exchange & other Microsoft Servers; I have 6+ years experience in Microsoft servers. I have written many articles on different – different topics & given Exchange Server training for more than 250 Indian & Inter national clients.


Exchange 2010 has a very good feature that called Data centre Activation Coordination (DAC) mode, which is designed to prevent split brain at the database level during switchback procedures that are being performed after a data centre switchover. The major advantage of enabling the DAC feature is that you can use built-in recovery cmdlets to perform the data centre switchover and switchback.

But before going to run the built-in cmdlets you should have to understand properly these factors.

  • Are all Exchange Servers available in Primary data centre?
  • Is network connectivity available between the primary and remote data centre?
  • Is Exchange deployed in a topology with a single Active Directory site or multiple sites?

When you got the required information regarding above points, now you can plan what command will be run & where will be run.

Now Administrator can run the built-in cmdlets but he required some more information like;

·        How do I verify that stop-databaseavailability group was successful?
·        How do I verify that restore-databaseavailabilitygroup performed the correct steps?
·        When is it appropriate to run start-databaseavailailitygroup?

Each of these required a different set of verification steps, before you start.

Data centre Switchover Tool: this is a very good tool to perform the data centre switch over, it’s a kiosk-based power point application that allows administrators to work on the following steps.

  • What commands to run and where to run them
  • How to verify the commands completed successfully.
  • How to walk through a Data centre Switchover from the Mailbox server / database availability group perspective.

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