Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How Google & Other Sites monitor us

Eyes fixed on the world of the Internet is great and so do not know. According to your account on the Internet like your every move is recorded. You do not know anything about this account, but you know some people think. Clearly, the spoils of privacy in the Internet world these days upheaval has machaye.
Electronic Frontier Foundation's Kevin Bankston said a few days ago that Google knows about you than your mother. Google more than sixty sites.submit it.
Here's Google's going to be so because in the Internet world, the web is constantly growing.Their interests are also hidden in some unknown fear. UK Leigh Brian and Emily's case.Or Las Vegas and I will put America's W. ..
Is open every letter
Email is one of them. Mail written by an acquaintance of mine and a close friend that he mentioned that he is very depressed.Mail me some money as well as another friend had written to the crisis passes. Incidentally, the friend of those days was applied to the credit card.Moreover, these love affairs detective in the screening and the email is being used a lot of hacking. People with this online private space is threatened.
Found that three Paiya
Twite I have a few days ago that a political event was said to be heart trouble.It's not fun, is true of internet marketing. Twitter and Facebook on this form of marketing is easy because you are writing here is that no one could find.
Everything is recorded in the server
With the help of the address that the computer can be easily searched. But it was the only connection point.Who are you, what place, what age do, how much you earn, you have hobbies, I like, what to eat, he goes around, make friends with all your friends are and what you want - nothing you do not know.
The interesting thing about you without your knowing it's going to know. Your networking sites, your mail account, and here all the secrets of your net surfing is disclosed. After you log on to Gmail, Google search, if anything, will enter the Google server. Google Chrome browser on the Net, it will be recorded in your account who you are - are looking at which sites. Relationship to the world of the internet will reveal everything about you. That screening has increased even further. See the trailer -
2.email ID, etc. were not.
Everything - what we ate was called, who saw the film, how did, et cetera - et cetera.Associate Director of the United States Federal Trade Commission's Division of Privacy Manisha Mittal says that technology has made the identity of the person is useless to traditional standards.Imagine the biggest way to identify people in the United States, which try to achieve everything that they are fake.
Omniscient Google
Learn what Google - it knows about you
1. Through the search engines what you're looking for?
2. What are you on web pages?
3. What blogs do you read?
4. Google Checkout through AdSense or your financial situation.
5. The popularity of your website or blog.
6. Users of Gmail in terms of who they are and what email?
7. Your entire computer - What if you are using Google Desktop?
8. Doc or spreadsheet using Google, in their case their research paper, bills, or to the next blog post.
9. Google Calendar using your whole program.
10. Rucia your social network.
11. Latitud and Google use Google Maps users in case they or their friends are right?
12. What you see on YouTube?
13. Google search through books and school and university are you studying?
14. If you are using Google Chrome your every activity on the Internet.
15. Ansrs are using Google your every problem.
16. Google Health are using your full medical history.
17. Google Maps, AdSense and Checkout are using your home address.
18. Google Gmail via mobile or your mobile number.
19. Google Talk are using what is your voice?
20. Picasa photo editor so that you are using, your family and friends look like?
21. Google Alerts via it's important to you?
22. Edwards and purchase behavior through the keywords that your business is?
23. Search Products catalog and search through what you have it - buy and what to buy?