Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to configure the mailboxes for Child Domain in Exchange 2010 server

How to create the mailboxes for child Domain users, when we have Exchange installed in Root domain.

Many organizations faced this problem in their scenario that they have a Tree with multiple child / sub domain & they have exchange server installed in Root domain, but when they want to configure or create the mailboxes in Root domain exchange, they failed or some time not able to see the existing users in the mailbox creation wizard or when they try to create the new user in the child domain with mailbox in mailbox creation wizard also failed.
One of my client ITMavrik from India  also have same problem, so I am going to give the solution for the above question.
My test scenario is this:
Root Domain Name –,
Child Domain Name-
DC- DC1(root domain), DC2 (child domain)
DNS – both root DC & child DC is configured as a DNS server.
Exchange- Ex1 (CAS, MBX, HT)
Do the following steps to create & configure the mailboxes from child domain.
On Root DC:-
Ø  Insert the Exchange 2010 media CD/DVD
Ø  Start- run-cmd—ok
Ø  C:\> go on DVD drive, Ex:- C:\> cd D:
Ø  D:\> /prepareAD
Ø  D:\> /prepareSchema
Ø  D:\> /PrepareallDomains
After running all the switches successfully go on Child domain DC & run the following switches.

ü  Insert the Exchange 2010 media CD/DVD
ü  Start- run- cmd—ok
ü  C:\> go on DVD drive, Ex: C:\> cd D:
ü  D:\> /preparedomain /
After running the above command successfully go on EX-1 & restart the Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology Service.
Now go on EX-1 & try to create the Exchange mailboxes from existing child Domain users & you can also create the mailboxes for new users in Child Domain
I hope this will help you.
Arun Chaudhary

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