Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Create the Shared Mailbox in Exchange 2010

How to create the shared mailbox in exchange 2010
[PS] C:\> New-Mailbox –Name:’sharedmailbox’ –OrganizationalUnit:’users’ –Database:database1 –UserPrincipalName:sharedmailbox@adatum.com –Shared
If you want to convert a mailbox in any other type of mailbox, like- shared, room, user…
Set-Mailbox Anuj -Type Room
Set-Mailbox anuj –Type regular
Set-Mailbox anuj –Type equipment
Set-Mailbox anuj –Type shared
                Using these parameters we can convert any mailbox one format to another format.
Now after creating the shared mailbox named “SharedMailbox”
1.        Start----All Programs----Microsoft Exchange Server 2010------ Exchange  Management Console-----expand the Recipient Configuration--- mailbox------ Select SharedMailbox------ Right Click--- Select Manage Full Access-----Click on Add button  (now select all the users, for whom you want to give the permissions for accessing this shared mailbox), Select user Arun & Anuj for managing this Shared Mailbox------Click on Manage---- Finish.
2.        Now open the Internet Explorer ------ type the OWA URL, Ex:- https://van-ex1.adatum.com/OWA------ login to user (Ex:- Arun )
3.        Now right click on user name (Arun)---Open other User’s inbox------ type “Sharedmailbox”  under the Name------Ok.
4.        Now you can see both mailbox in OWA & you can receive all the emails for “Shared mailbox”.
Access the Shared Mailbox in Outlook 2010.
1.        Open the Microsoft Outlook 2010------ login to user Arun profile.
2.        Right Click on User Name (Arun)---- Open other User Inbox---type “Sharedmailbox” under the Name----- Click Ok.
3.        Now you can see all emails of SharedMailbox in Outlook 2010.
Like this we can create Shared Mailboxes & can assign permission for the multiple users & that users can manage that mailbox from their primary mailbox. We can also convert any mailbox in Shared mailbox.
Arun Chaudhary
Mail Server Specialist

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