Sunday, November 24, 2013

TLS Encryption Issue

                                TLS Encryption Issue

Hi Friends,
In this article I am going to introduce you a common issue of Email organization which called TLS encryptions is less than 168 bit. If your organization users are sending email to external domain but mail are getting bounce due to “TLS encryption setting is less than 168 bit on receiver end”.

How to analyze this issue in log files of your server.

Here is an example of Sendmail Sentrion Mail server.

·         Check the Emails NDR.
·         Check logs in Sentrion master console and expand the logs for more details.
·         If issue is regarding TLS encryption is less than 168 bit, it will be appear in the log files.

Here I am attaching a screenshots of TLS encryption issue log files.


Note:Under the red box you can see the issue of TLS encryption.

How to resolve this issue:

To resolve this issue, check your MX_gateway “TLS encryption setting on 168 bit” so emails can deliver successfully.

Once you done this task at your end, send an test email to receiver and make sure that issue is resolved.


                                         Arun Chaudhary

                                    MCP, MCTS, MCITP, VCA, ITIL
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