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My First Book, The complete guide from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010 Migration: Part-I

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This guide will be helping IT Administrators to successfully install the Exchange 2010 in the Exchange 2003 environment & migration of Exchange 2003 to 2010.

This book is written by the Microsoft Exchange Corporate Trainer, who has delivered more than 100 Exchange Server corporate training for worldwide clients, the author is also working as a Sr. Exchange Server Administrator & also handling the Exchange Server & other Microsoft Server projects.

This book is basically focusing for the users or IT Administrators who want to migrate their Exchange 2003 in to Exchange 2010.

The agenda of this book is to understand the IT-Administrator’s to understand the Exchange server roles like: CAS, MBX, HT, UM & Edge Server Role, this book will be give you maximum screenshots & depth knowledge of Exchange 2010 concepts. If you are new in Exchange 2010, no need to worry, I will fully explain the Exchange 2010 concepts.

To make more understandable this migration book, I will explain the both method (cmdlets & graphical) of Exchange migration.

So let’s start the work!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

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The complete guide from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010 Migration…

In this book, I covered these of the following topics, I think it's very helpful for IT Administrators to migrate their Exchange Organization from Exchange 2003 to 2010 Server.

Table of Contents:

1.     Lab Scenario

2.     Understand the existing topology

3.     Exchange 2003 installation

4.     Exchange 2003 requirements

5.     Hardware requirements

6.     Software & other prerequisites

7.     Installation of Exchange 2003

8.     Prerequisites of Exchange Sever 2003

9.     Get start Exchange Server 2003 installation

10.        Run ForestPrep

11.        Run DomainPrep

12.          Run Setup

13.        Verify Exchange Server 2003 installation

14.        Check the Exchange Server Services

15.        Verify the Host A record in DNS

16.        How to create user’s mailboxes

17.        How to create mailbox for existing user’s

18.        Check the Exchange features in user properties

19.        How to create mail enabled groups

20.        Login to OWA

21.        How to send an email

22.        Configuration of Outlook profile (MAPI)

23.        Configure the multiple user profile

24.        Prepare Exchange Sever 2003 for migration

Page 6

The complete guide from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010 Migration…

25.        Install the Exchange Sever 2003 SP2

26.        Installation of windows Server 2008 R2

27.        Join windows Server 2008 R2 in to the domain

28.        Exchange Server 2010 prerequisites installation

29.        Raise the Domain functional level

30.          Raise the forest functional level

31.        Install the Exchange Server 2010

32.        Active Directory prerequisites for Exchange Server 2010

33.        Other requirements

34.        Hardware requirements

35.        Software requirements

36.        Edge Transport Server requirements

37.        Install Exchange Serve 2010 in co-existence with Exchange Server 2003

38.        Permissions required for prepare the AD Organization

39.        Run the Preparelegacyexchange switch

40.        Run PreapareAD switch

41.        Run PreapareSchema switch

42.          Verify the changes in AD after running the Exchange switches

43.        Run the Exchange Server 2010 setup

44.        Verify the Exchange Server 2010 with Exchange 2003 coexistence

45.        Introduction to Exchange 2010 management tools

a.     Exchange management console

b.     Exchange management shell

c.      Exchange control panel

46.        Exchange management console options

a.     Organization Configuration

b.       Server Configuration

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The complete guide from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010 Migration…

c.      Recipient Configuration

d.    Tool Box

47.        Configure receive connector for receive the Emails

48.        Configure the send connector

49.        Configure the internal & external URL for OWA

50.        Verify the internal & external URL of OWA

51.        Configure the internal & external URL for ECP

52.        Configure the Authentication method for OWA & ECP

53.        Enable Outlook Anywhere

54.        Verify that CAS has enabled outlook anywhere true

55.        Login to OWA & send an email

56.        Configure coexistence with Exchange Server 2003

57.        Configure the Host A record for external URL

58.        Move user’s mailboxes from Exchange Server 2003 to 2010

59.        Login to OWA after moving user’s mailboxes

60.        Move default OAB from Exchange Server 2003 to 2010

61.        Move the Address list

62.        Move Email address policy

63.        Dismount the Exchange Server 2003 mailbox store

64.        Delete the mailbox store

65.        Move the Public Folders

66.        Move the Recipient Service

67.        Remove the Routing Group connector

68.        Remove Exchange Server 2003 from the Organization

69.        Final step to verify the Exchange Server is working fine
70.        Apologies from my side for any mistake!!!!!!!! JJJ
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